“Experience is important; you have to know what you are doing, how to pick up freight and book it, how to prepare an inland bill of lading,”

Export Services

Our export services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. Export-Import representatives attend the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes.

“New customers will come with nightmare stories of trying to import their goods – stories of one problem after another.”


Import Services

Import shipping and customs law require that duty is paid on goods entering the county, according to its official classification from a tariff schedule. Sometimes a surety bond is required, and some types of goods must meet admissibility standards, with proper permits secured in advance by the importer.

“At Export-Import Services Inc., our licensed, professional import and Export services team has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly through the Iran Customs .”


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You can be confident that our convenient and reliable export service will help you complete your export shipping with ease.